Sunday, October 15, 2006


I don't really write in my blogger, because I write in my livejournal. BUT, you can post pictures on blogger, so thats my plan for now. I may choose to write random updates here though. I leave November 15th, and I am VERY excited, but nervous. The teaching is a little nerve racking, but I know that I'll be fine. I have a curriculum to follow, and books - and it's fine. But ... well, i'm still a bit nervous. And moving to another place is a bit scary too. I dont know anyone, but I have the people at my school. I'm living alone, but they assure me that it's safe and that they wouldn't pick a place for me to live that would be unsafe. And I'll make friends. I'm an independent young woman (too independent my friends may say), and am fluent in Spanish ... and love new places, etc. I'm not scared as in "Oh my god, i might not go," just the normal "blah blah blah i'm a little nervous because i'm moving far far away." But well, it'll be great. And the school is PAYING to send me home for christmas, so it'll give me a little test run, I'll come home - and then go back for a year or so. So yes. I'm very excited. And a tad overwhelmed.

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