Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Pictures *with descriptions* at : http://new.photos.yahoo.com/pollitatica/albums

Here are a few:

Things are going pretty well here. The 2nd graders had a quiz today. Everyone got at least 6/10 except for 2 I think. Which, for the first quiz, when they don't really listen - isn't so bad. They have a grammar quiz on Friday on nouns and verbs. We'll see how that one goes. This picture to the right of my 1st graders was from today. Fernando, the kid in the middle, turned 6 today, and his mom brought in pizza and soda and cupcakes for a little birthday party today over lunch. It was cute. The picture above this one is of some of my 2nd graders being silly. The first one was taken off of the balcony area of the 3rd floor in my apartment complex area. Pretty mountain eh?


Ruthy said...

I was unable to see the pics... wonder why?? good luck teaching English in HON when I was living there ( Tegucigalpa) I hardly payed attention in English class.. I thought when am I ever going to use it !! well I wish I would have payed more attention.. hahaha because I did need it when I moved here !

Katrina said...

hmm, not sure. They actually aren´t working on this computer either, but they worked last night. Ah well, the link works if you really want to see them.

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