Sunday, July 15, 2007

Michelle and Bobby's Wedding

So I'm here in the good ole USA. I got here on Friday and got to see my sister, Liz, Lindsey, Brooke, Jackie, and of course, Katie all in the same night! We had dinner at Applebees. Saturday, Katie, Jess, and I went to Bob Evans for breakfast and then went shopping and got ready for the wedding. The wedding was wonderful, and Michelle looked beautiful! If I do say myself, the four of us hot, sexy ladies looked pretty damn good ourselves.

Right? I'm in Carlisle tomorrow, Monday, and then going back to Westminster tomorrow night to spend Tuesday and Wednesday there. Then I head back balls early on Thursday to Honduras.


Honduras Sprout said...

You girls look gorgeous!

La Gringa said...

Yeah! You're right. You do look gorgeous.

Have a great time in the US and let's get together when you get back. I keep fearing that I'm going to read that you have gone back for good without saying goodbye. You wouldn't do that, would ya?

Katrina said...

Thanks ladies!

LG ... Of course I would not leave without saying goodbye! I go to Belize on Friday for a week and a half, and I will call you when I get back. As of now, I'm planning on staying around Ceiba for awhile.