Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Random Market Photos

I was just going to apologize for the lack of Honduras related content or of, well, anything of importance on my blog lately. However, being that this is MINE, I can write about whatever I damn well please, whether that is my boy troubles or school troubles or what I ate for breakfast. (I do have a good boy story to tell though.) That said, to keep my faithful readers entertained, I am going to post a few random pictures that I have taken over the past 8 months I have lived here (can you believe it´s been 8 months??).

In el centro, they sell just about everything on these little carts. This is a very large, very clean and neat fruit cart. Bananas, apples, oranges, and grapes are pretty easy to find. Melon too. I have not, however, seen strawberries or any other kind of berry. But I haven´t exactly gone out searching for it either. This one below is a smaller cart near my apartment that also sells candies and churros (chips).

Would you like some rice and beans?

How about some shoes?

And of course no market tour would be completely without the tortilla-donut ladies.


La Gringa said...

Hey, Kat, I don't see any photos.

Regarding your first sentence, are you getting Rocky telling you what to write about?

Katrina said...

Can you see them now? I switched all of my pictures from yahoo to flickr, and didn't realize that the photo urls would change when I did that.

No, noone is telling me what to write about, but I've gotten a few comments from people from home. And with all of the talk about Honduran blogs on the group and such, I do feel kind of guilty somtimes - that my blog is full of useless content that maybe even my friends and family don't care about. Haha. Oh well.