Monday, November 20, 2006

Los maestros, part 1

So, one of my avid readers wants to know more about the other teachers that I work with.

The teacher that I will work with the closest is Anthony. He is 21, and was raised in Texas. I think he was born there too. His dad is from Spain, but grew up in the US, and his mom was born in La Ceiba. I don´t think she is 100% Honduran though. He is teaching computaciĆ³n to grades 1-7, and 1st and 2nd grade math and science. He is a little flaky, and I get the idea that he doesn´t plan much. He thinks that he is on Veronica, la rectoras, good side, but in fact - she told me before I met him that she doesn´t really think he´s that good with the kids. haha. But today was the first day of school, and he seemed to interact with them well enough. He has a Honduran girlfriend who is very jealous. If I´m around (even inside the school), he shushes me when he calls or she calls him. He has been walking me home (all 4 blocks) after school and taking a cab home from there, and he said, and I quote ¨I would be crucified if she found out.¨ hmm. Maybe I´ll just have to make friends with her. Because I´m already counting on him to program my remote control for my TV and a couple of other things.

I don´t know much about the other teachers, but they are all Honduran. The grades that aren´t completely bilingual have 3 hours of English a day, even though I´ve never heard the teacher who teaches them English speak English. She´s very nice though. Since it´s a bilingual school, or well almost so, English is spoken here and there by most of the teachers. At least Espanglish. I haven´t heard all of the teachers speak English though, and I´m not sure that some of them even speak it very well. It doesn´t really matter, though.

I finally met the kindergarten-home ec teacher today. She seems nice enough. She´s older, reminds me of my K teacher, Mrs. Porter. She was very old and retired not long after I had her. The kindergarteners though, are sooooo cute. Love them.

I´ll write more about my own students and the other teachers later.

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