Sunday, November 19, 2006

Some busy kids

So, I wrote my own schedule on Friday. It wasn´t done for me, and I realized that I had to write the 1st and 2nd grade schedules myself, with the help of Anthony, who is teaching math and science in English to the 1st and 2nd graders.

3 hours later, we finished it.

The problem is, these kids take so many classes!! And a lot of different teachers have to teach them, because I, as the 1st grade homeroom teacher who is reponsible for teaching a lot of these, am teaching about 30 periods of English a week and simply does not have enough time.

I am teaching to1st and 2nd grade the following:

Reading, 5 times a week each
Grammar, 3 times each
Phonics, 3 times each
Spelling, 2 times each
Writing, 2 times each
Orientation (like health), 1 time (1st grade only)
Music, 1 time each
Social Studies, 1 time each

Other teachers are teaching the following:

Español, 5 times
Ciencias Sociales, 3 times
Math, 5 times
Science, 4 times
Gym, 1 time
Drawing, 1 time
Caligraphy, 1 time
Library, 1 time
Ed. Cristiana, 1 time

And they have an assembly every Monday morning and Church every Tuesday morning.

Gosh these kids are busy!


La Gringa said...

That seems like a LOT of classes! Especially for 1st and 2nd graders. How long is the school day?

Katrina said...

it starts at 700 am and ends at 230. the periods are only 45 minutes though, and they have recess and lunch in there. but still, it´s crazy, i know.

any big plans for thanksgiving day? (haha)

La Gringa said...

Whoops. I just read this today (Friday). No, we didn't have any big Thanksgiving celebration. We did have pumpkin pie, though, and it was good.