Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Talked to Marcos tonight. I'll write more about it (and who he is since most of you don't know) tomorrow, but we talked for a half hour. Pretty long conversation. He even said that maybe he'd save money and get a passport and try and make it up to Honduras to visit. (There were a lot of "and"s in that sentence).

I have too much stuff.
Packing sucks.
I'm going to use every pound of my 100 pounds.

I've been watching Gilmore Girls. I only have 8 episodes to go in the 6th season. Maybe I'll finish it tonight. Who needs sleep. And I am packing at the same time, so I'm being productive.

Packing really sucks.

And I realized today that my return flight was magically scheduled on NOVEMBER 21st by the damn TACA phone guy, instead of December 21st. And so I called and they are going to go back and listen to the tape of the convo to see what I said and what he said. So, they'll either decide to change the date for free or make me pay $100. At least I realized tonight and not tomorrow night.Geezus.

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DON GODO said...


I just found your blog, and I want to wish you luck. This will be a great experience for you!! So enjoy it to the fullest!!. There are quite a few expats living in La Ceiba, so you shouldn't be lonely for long.

My family is also in the process of moving to Honduras. My wife and kids live there already, and I'll be moving next year. Check out my semi-regular blog at: hondurasliving.blogspot.com

Again, best wishes,


PS. I live in New Orleans, and your name scares me!!!!!!!!!!