Thursday, February 01, 2007

a new teacher!

1A1 new teacher came today, named Cynthia to take Mr. Anthony´s place and teach math and science for 1st and 2nd grade and computer. She actually went to La Santisima Trinidad, and she speaks English pretty well. No teaching experience, but hopefully she works out. I thought she might kill the 2nd graders today. They were behaving worse than normal. And I must say, as awful as this sounds, it was kind of nice seeing that they actually behave better for me than they do for someone else. Poor woman though, she had no idea what to do to control the chaos. And I will say, they were chaotic. I was trying to have Reading class with my first graders and could barely hear them since the 2nd graders were screaming so loud next door and running around outside.

I told her it would get better. I hope she sticks around long enough to see that happen.

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