Friday, January 26, 2007

Bet it´s never happened to you ...

Some interesting things that have happened over the past couple of weeks that might make you laugh. (And one or two that might horrify you.)

1. Yesterday, on my way to the gym, a horse blocked my way on the sidewalk. I had to walk in the street to get around it. It was tied up in an empty lot. By whom? I have no idea. Keep in mind that this was only a couple of houses down from the gym, and the gym is in one of the nicer neighborhoods here in Ceiba.

2. At the end of last week, near the end of the day, the secretary frantically ran into my classroom and told me to lock the children in, because there was a sheep on the loose. Now, our school is surrounded by a big cement wall with gates and everything, but just in case it knocked the gate down or jumped the wall, we would be prepared with rulers and scissors.

3. On the bus, on the way home from Tela, some old guy told me that it would be better if I was ¨acompañada¨ by him (like if he was my boyfriend or something). Then, we could have sex. (No joke.)

4. I have been in charge of two classrooms because of the chicken pox outbreak at my school (and in the city in general I think). Mr. Anthony left before Christmas, Miss Fermina who was teaching some of his classes left for LA for 3 weeks and the teacher they hired to replace her? She has chicken pox. I´m told that someone will be coming on Monday. Since Wednesday, I have been in charge and the principal and rector have been covering some classes.


Bound for Ceiba said...

Oh lordy!

Katrina said...

I was beginning to think that you disappeared for good! What is up?