Friday, February 16, 2007

Saul (Sa-ool)

I'm not going to say too much about this, but it is definitely something going on in my life right now, and I'm sure all of my wonderful readers are anxious to know.

Last week, when the missionaries were at the school, this guy came from Tegucigalpa to help out with the church and the music. I had no idea who he was, but I noticed him last week, because he's a cute guy. Anyway, he came on Thursday I think, but finally on Sunday after church I managed to introduce myself and we started talking a good bit. He teaches music at Saint Mary's Episcopal School in Tegucigalpa and is the worship leader in the church. He is in a Christian rock band too. He's a very passionate person about everything he does and believes in, and I really appreciate that about him. He has a lot going for him and has things in life he wants to accomplish. He's even taking some classes at seminary (but he doesn't want to be a priest.) I admire passionate people, and even though I never thought I would fall for someone like him, every minute I talk to him, he seems like the more perfect guy.

But well, to make a long story short - I fell hard, really quickly. He left last Saturday, and we decided to try and make it work between us. Teguc is about an 8 hour away bus ride away, but it's in the same country! (Big bonus if you know me well enough to know what I'm talking about). He told me today that he was going to come visit me the first weekend in March, only two weeks away!

And save your breath of the typical warnings, cross cultural differences, and what not - because I know it all. However, he is wonderful and well ... there are 2 Episcopal schools in Tegucigalpa. I thought about moving somewhere else teach in a different area (a fleeting thought before last week, but still a thought). It's still VERY new, but love conquers all. :)

Don't worry Daddy. I'll come home eventually. I promise.


La Gringa said...

Hmmm. This sounds serious. I think mama gringa and el jefe need to check this guy out!

Glad to see you back. I was beginning to be worried that the kids had finally beaten you down. ;-)

Katrina said...

Yes well, we will see how it all goes. And you would approve. Serious? I´m not sure if that´s the word I would use, but it´s moving in that direction it seems.

Honduras Sprout #1 said...

Whoa....this does sound kinda serious. hee-hee :O)
Regardless of what happens, it's fun to have a love interest. It makes the whole world seem just a little brighter.

La Gringa said...

So, how did the weekend go?

Katrina said...

Well, he was supposed to come THIS weekend, but his grandmother is really sick (though she is improving a little), so he can´t come. I´m glad she´s improved some, because I was very worried on top of all sorts of other crazy stuff that is happening at school. I will have to tell it all to you in person, but lets just say that the school is in crisis. Keep that quiet though. What are your plans this weekend?

Katrina said...

And HD, it does make the world a little brighter. And I really have fallen for him. Hopefully I get to see him soon!