Tuesday, January 02, 2007

10 great things about my school

I feel like all I do on my blog is complain about my kids. So, I’m going to dedicate this article to all the things about the school and my students that I love.

1. While I am given some guidance and a basic English cirriculum (a 1st grade US reading program called Reading Street), I am also given a good deal of freedom in my daily lesson plans. I have no one looking over my shoulder wanting to see my plans everyday. They trust me to educate the children.

2. There was a bit of an issue with accusations that some of the teachers were being a bit too physical with the students earlier in the year. While this was addressed to all of the teachers, Veronica and the principal also took it with a grain of salt, and things have been all quiet since.

3. My kids love me. Everyday, the 1st graders greet me with hugs. The 2nd graders love to hug too, even the boys.

4. They also love English, especially the 2nd graders.

5. The 2nd graders can read in English!! Two of the 1st graders can too! (Actually, they probably read in English better than Spanish, but that is a whole different kettle of fish.)

6. The 1st graders know their alphabet! And the sounds of the letters! (Well, all but one).

7. The school is extremely welcoming to new ideas and new ways of teaching the kids. They are also very accommodating. For example, giving me 2 days off of school this week so that I could spend a few more days at home with my family.

8. While teaching is very challenging, it is also very good experience for me. It is also a relatively low stress environment to have my first year of teaching, in comparison to the US schools with the standardized testing and the like.

9. The kids are talkative! They love to talk! So, there is a never ending supply of energy in my classroom.

10. They want to be tutored. Can you believe it? They are begging me to have after school tutoring sessions, even the really smart ones.

There ya go. That’s ten great things about my students and the school.

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