Wednesday, January 10, 2007


So, I don't write much about my personal life on my blog. If you aren't interested, it may be better to just pass over this entry. I won't give TMI or anything, but just a disclaimer that this has nothing to do with teaching.

Background info: I studied abroad in Costa Rica for 4 months. While there, I started to date a Costa Rican guy, and we were together for a year and 3 months. I was completely in love with him, but we ended up breaking up for the circumstances. (He was in CR, I was in the US.) I called him on his birthday in July, but he never called back. I hadn't talked to him since May when he called me 2 days before I moved to Honduras in November. I talked to him for awhile, and he told me that when I got to Honduras to call him and give him my cell phone number. He also said that I should visit, and maybe he would even be able to save up money, get a passport, and come to Honduras to visit me. *ahem*

So, I went home for Christmas and hadn't called him back. I struggled with idea, and got conflicting advice from those who I asked. Saturday, two hours before I left for the airport to come back to the US, I called him. He actually answered (which is not entirely common), and we talked a bit. He was out with his friends, but he said he was glad to hear from me. He apparently thought that I was mad at him or that something was wrong because I hadn't called. I gave him my number, and I don't really plan on calling him again unless he calls me first. I don't think I love him anymore, but if I were to see him that might change. He said that I should go visit, if only for a weekend. It's probably a good thing that plane tickets to CR from Honduras are so damn expensive right now. That's the only way I could go for a weekend. Otherwise, a bus trip will take a little more planning.

Oh geez.

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