Tuesday, January 23, 2007


I made a pretty big deal of not wanting to join the gym here in Ceiba. When I was home for Christmas, I tracked down my old tae bo and pilates DVD's, and bought an exercise ball, and a resistance band. I have used the ball and band some, but I have decided that I actually am going to join the gym after all.
It all started from an ad that showed the one gym has dance classes. If you aren't a member of the gym, the classes are about $17/month. If you were a member of the gym, the classes are only $7. Well, I went over to the gym to check it out. I looked at the price packages ($30 sign up fee, $25 a month plus the $7 dance class fee), and took a tour of the gym. I asked about the dance classes, saw the pool, etc. It's actually a really nice gym, and only about 6 or 7 blocks away from where I live. I figured that dance classes would give me something else to do. They are one hour a night from Monday to Friday. While I wouldn't go every night, it's nice to have the options of when I do want to go. In the end, I figured that the gym would also give me something to do, and maybe I would even be able to meet some people there. If nothing else, at least I will have something to keep me busy. It's really nice weather now, and I am walking a good bit, but when it gets really hot - I'm not going to want to move. Even now, I don't really want to go run outside, and I haven't yet as a result. I like the gym, and I miss belonging to one. There are also aerobics classes and a spinning class at Nautilus too. So yeah, this week I'm going to go join.

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