Wednesday, January 17, 2007

12 hour day

I thought I should throw an update on here for those who actually read it, since it´s been a week. I have several entries on my computer to put up, but that won´t happen until Friday probably, since I have to go to the bar where I use the free wireless internet.

Anyway, I worked for 12 hours today. No joke. I got there at 630AM, had tutoring until 4PM, and there was a parents meeting at 5PM, so I just stayed (I mean, I only live 4 blocks away, but why bother going home?) The kiddies have been alright this week. Fernando, in 1st grade, hasn´t been crying nearly as much, and the 2nd graders, well they still talk too much. I got a new girl today, Daphney, and I think I´m getting another one tomorrow. We´re pushing 30 here folks. There is no more room in the classroom. Time to cut them off. NO MORE STUDENTS! The thing is, I think that almost ALL of the new students who have entered in the past 2 weeks have been 2nd graders. I mean, seriously?

I´m in Grey´s Anatomy withdrawl. If I don´t get a TV with cable soon that has ABC, I´m going to have to be a dork that goes to Expats and watches it on her laptop. I guess I can always go at like 4PM. Not likely to be many people around then.

I joined the gym, Nautilus. I made such a big deal about not joining it, but in the end ... I think it´ll be good. I joined yesterday, and am not going to today since it´s already almost 7. Tomorrow I¨ll go though. I´m good at going to gyms when I belong to them. There are also all of these little trainer guys running around to help anyone! They start your cardio machines for you even. That´s kind of strange, yeah. I´ve been a little lonely lately, but I do have lunch plans for after school on Friday with a girl who I´ve gone out with once before who works at Expatriates, the place I go for free internet. Hopefully that´ll be fun. I really don´t know anything about her, but we shall see how that goes.

I think I´m going to go to Tela this weekend. It´s a pretty beach (or so I´ve heard) about 2 hours north of La Ceiba. I think I´ll spend the night on Saturday. I´ll post pictures and such.

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