Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Tutoria and Grades

I'm back to tutoring. This time, less because I really want to, and more because I really have to. A lot of parents have asked though, and I am going to have to tell a few of the parents who have really smart 2nd graders, that I just don't have the time to tutor the ones that are behind and the ones that are ahead. So, I'm focusing my time and energy on the ones that are atrasados. I sent home 10 notes today with various 2nd graders, mostly the newest ones, to tell their parents that tutoring would start on Wednesday, and I think their child should attend. It's going to be Monday and Wednesday until 3:30, and then I will probably be staying until 4:00 with a little girl who is in 2nd grade but knows NO English. Guess what we're going to start with? That's right kids, the alphabet. Is Elisa going to pass 2nd grade? Depends on how quick she is. All I have to say is that some of my 1st graders know English better than some of these new 2nd graders. "But she came from a bilingual school," one parent said of her daughter, Kissy. Honestly, I don't give a rats ass where she came from, her English is not up to par. But I don't mind. Just think, at L 30 a session, 2 sessions a week, if all 10 kids come - I'll be loaded! Haha. Not that I'm tutoring for the money. If I was in any of this for the money, I wouldn't be in Honduras. As La Gringa said, "You took a 90% pay cut to come teach at that school." I'm not sure if it was quite 90%, but you get the picture.

So, I started on Wednesday, and I have about 8 kids coming. So far, so good. Yesterday we reviewed for the spelling quiz they had today and the grammar quiz they have tomorrow. Last week we worked on the alphabet and basic sounds and phonics stuff. It's hard to learn to read, etc when you don't know the basics. The parents have been paying me too, which is good. I turned in grades today for 2nd grade. I have 3 kids failing. All 3 kids are failing all 3 classes I gave grades in. 9 kids didn't get grades since they started so late. It's too bad though, really. 2 that are failing are almost passing, and the other one is just hopeless. I feel bad saying this, but his parents are kind of wasting their money since their son just doesn't do anything in school. He's really behind, but it's because he doesn't pay attention and do his work. But ah well. My 1st graders don't get grades this first quarter, just report type things like from kindergarten. I have to fill them out tomorrow.

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