Thursday, January 18, 2007

La Playa

I'm going to go the beach this weekend as long as the weather holds out, which it should. I think I'm going to go to Tela on Saturday and stay the night. It should be a nice time to veg on the beach and relax. I've heard some not so safe things about Tela, but most of them center around stupid tourists who walk on the beach at night. Don't worry dad, I'm not a stupid tourist. That said, I also will not be frequenting the disco alone either, because, as I said - I'm not stupid. I think it will be a nice little vacation though. I came to Honduras alone, lets see if I can go to the beach alone. (I need to start practicing traveling alone since I plan on spending a couple of weeks in Guatemala over the summer, and I would like to go back to Costa Rica in the summer too, which may be with someone else, but probably not). This will also be a new experience since I have never ridden a bus in Honduras. I don't expect it to be all that different from riding a bus in Costa Rica, except well, more crowded and rugged and yellow. (They use old yellow school buses here.) I will say though that the buses in La Ceiba are a little scary, so hopefully the one to Tela is less so. Let's just take baby steps.

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